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I build brand identities to elevate your business.

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It’s easy. Let’s create a successful website by:

✔ [re]Branding.

 Designing an exquisite layout.

 Curating quality images.

 Setting up your shop so you can focus on your business.

✔ Inspiring smart, efficient digital strategies.

✔ Refining your copy to tell your story creatively.

 Using email marketing so you can serve it up to your tribe.

 Getting Google to notice you with SEO.

 Keeping your WordPress universe humming with updates to tech and new content.

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Your personal guide to
Web Design
Graphic Design
Responsive Design

What can We Dream do for you? Just about anything.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tomaki for a few years now. He’s done the entire media package for my company: logo, website, business cards, labels, banners, you name it. Tomaki is the consummate professional: always available to help, his customer service is second to none, and best of all my business stands out and constantly receives compliments from customers due to the superior quality of his work.”

Joe Recsnik

Owner CEO, Nirvana Tea & Herbs

“We Dream Design did an amazing job on my website! I wanted a website that reflects my soul essence, which isn’t an easy thing to capture, but We Dream Design Captured it beautifully. “

Aurora Rae

 Artist at Authentically Aurora

“I just had my third website designed by We Dream Design and I couldn’t be happier! Everyone who has seen it is impressed at how good it looks. I have been using Tomaki to make my websites since 2015 . He is very responsive to all of my needs and design input while bringing his magic and incredible design skills to make great looking, easy to navigate, and functional websites! He also goes the extra step to create logos and graphics to complete the designs.”

Harlan Emil Gruber

 Artist at Authentically Aurora

“It’s been fantastic working with Tomaki. I’m amazed at the results. It’s beautiful, efficient, professional and transcends the parts to create something that’s alive and organic reflecting my vision and heart. That alchemy is magical. I appreciate the organization of the project, and how professional and supportive Tomaki was throughout. He has the design, creative and technical ability to bring my ideas and inspiration to shape the project like a masterpiece. In the end, the most beautiful webpage I’ve ever seen. Thank you Tomaki for helping me take this project to the next level.”

Mario Lawrence

 Owner of Harmonious Balance

“We Dream created and worked miracles for my websites and children’s app, with gorgeous illustrations and designs along with beautiful music. They can accomplish anything that you can imagine, and they do it quickly and with kindness and professionalism. We Dream is the best of the best!”

Diane Arkenstone

 Neo Pacifica Recordings

“We wanted a slick, easy to use and eye-catching site that would load quickly and function to our customer’s satisfaction. We also wanted a webmaster (i.e. Tomaki) who could understand our vision and execute within a timely fashion when we had updated projects to post and or tweaks to the site to enhance the experience for our present + future clientele. Tomaki embodied all the above, he is pragmatic, a good listener and on top of it a great all-around designer.”


Barbara Hudak

Owner of siStar Code Alchemy

“In short, Tomaki is amazing. His artistry is only surpassed by his technical wizardry. I had a general “wish-list” for what I wanted my website to have within it, and he took me through his process in a way that was supportive and collaborative. I chose to work with him because I could see he had an eye for the kind of vibe and atmosphere of how I wanted my site to look (you know, “branding consideration”). But before the site took shape – I really was only in a merky sense of things. He was the leader on one hand, but always responsive to my adjustments. I like to think we had a good mind-meld and connection, but in hindsight, I think it was just his way of operating as the professional that he is.”


Chaitanya Brandon Ives

Illumination Path